GSA Tech Initiative Delivers Public Service for the 21st Century

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. General Services Administrator Dan Tangherlini announced that the agency will be home to a digital government program called 18F, a comprehensive initiative that will accelerate innovation across the federal government. This new digital hub within the General Services Administration (GSA) will house services like the Presidential Innovation Fellows program and GSA’s newly launched digital delivery team. This group of cutting-edge technology innovators and entrepreneurs were recruited from the most innovative corners of industry and the public sector to help drive efficiency, transparency, and savings for government agencies and the American people.

By connecting the people, principles, and methodologies of the technology startup world with the government’s leaders in innovation, 18F seeks to improve the way agencies tackle their missions. With the launch of 18F, GSA continues to answer the call for modernized public services. The program is designed to provide the American people the digital services they expect from a 21st century government.

What Does 18F Do?

  • Partners with agencies to deliver high quality in-house digital services using the agile methodologies of the top technology startups.
  • Rapidly deploys working prototypes for real users on the web. Services are built with users’ needs as a priority.
  • Offers digital tools and services that result in governmentwide reuse.
  • Transparently builds and integrates digital services.

GSA Administrator Dan Tangherlini comments:
“The mission of 18F is to make the government’s digital services simple, effective, and easier to use for the American people. This service delivery program will make GSA the home of the government’s digital incubator. By using lessons from our Nation’s top technology startups, these public service innovators will be able to provide cutting-edge support for our federal partners that reduces cost and improves service.”

For more information on 18F, visit

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